Kaizhao Liang

Champaign,United State.


I obtained my B.S. degree, while affliated with Secure Learning Lab at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.


I am broadly interested in machine learning and I have experience in both computer vision and adversairal learning. Recently, I also developed an interest in the relation between architectural priors and learning algorithms.


Uncovering the Connections Between Adversarial Transferability and Knowledge Transferability. [ICML 2021] Kaizhao Liang*, Jacky. Y. Zhang*, Boxin Wang, Zhuolin Yang, Sanmi Koyejo, Bo Li Characterize Adversarial Transferability via Gradient Orthogonality and Smoothness [in submission] Zhuolin Yang, Linyi Li, Xiaojun Xu, Kaizhao Liang, Shiliang Zhuo, Qian Chen, Benjamin Rubinstein, Ce Zhang, Bo Li Scalable Differentially Private Data Generator via Private Aggregation of Teacher Discriminator [in submission] Yunhui Long, Boxin Wang, Zhuolin Yang, Kaizhao Liang, Zhuang Yang, Bhavya Kailkhura, Carl Gunter, Bo Li Adversarial Mutual Information for Text Generation [ICML 2020] Boyuan Pan, Yazheng Yang, Kaizhao Liang, Bhavya Kailkhura, Zhongming Jin, Xian-Sheng Hua, Deng Cai, Bo Li Unrestricted Adversarial Examples via Semantic Manipulation [ICLR 2020] Anand Bhattad*, Min Jin Chong*, Kaizhao Liang, Bo Li, David A. Forsyth

Relevant Projects

Gesture Control of autonomous vehicle

a new interface of human interaction with Autonomous Vehicle.

Interval bound propagation pytorch

Exploring to train certified defense against adversarial attacks with limited resources by "tighter" objective

Learning to Run

TRPO and DDPG implementation to teach robot to walk in simulations.

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